New Location
1:56 p.m. || October 18, 2007

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Well, I felt the need again to start a new diary. I didn't want to post here because I didn't want people asking me where my new writing would be (not that they would really care). I found myself not writing for myself, but for other people again. I don't like doing that. It doesn't help me anymore.

I don't have my new diary locked up, so if you find me, feel free to read. Some of the nicknames are different, but my writing should still be recognizable. In fact, I know at least one person has already found it. And that's okay.

I'll be gradually adding my diaryland reads to my favorites list at my new location, so I'll probably be popping back up on everyone's new reader list at some point.

I'm okay. The baby's okay. DH is okay. No need to worry about me. I'll keep writing in my baby diary, so no changes there.

I hope everyone stays healthy and takes care of themselves!


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